Dab Tray

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  • fadespace Dab Trays offer consumers a simple and reliable solution for cleaning their inserts and organizing their dab station.
  • Tray measures 8" x 4"x 0.25" and weighs approximately 10 ounces.
  • Each tray possesses cutaways to hold tools, carb caps, jars, or whatever else you want.
  • The highly durable TiN Coated Stainless Steel torching post is a hands free solution for torch cleaning inserts, and avoids risk of accidentally chipping, cracking, or breaking an insert due to pressure from hard tweezers.

  • The TiN Coated Stainless Steel torch cleaning post threads into operational position, and can be stored in it's magnetized slot for
    easy travel or when not in use.
  • Made From Aluminum Billet - CNC Milled In-House

  • Anodized in New England

  • Designed & Produced 100% In The USA