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Insert Protection Plan

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  • The Insert Protection Plan can be used to replace your SiC or S-Tier Ceramic Inserts.  This is a no questions asked protection plan for your fadespace Insert that doesn't expire until redeemed following an accidental break, loss, theft, or other event.  This can be applied to any insert *ever* purchased on our website.
  • Each purchase of the Insert Protection Plan strictly covers the replacement of exactly one fadespace Insert from drops, accidental thermal shocks, other acute damage, theft, loss, etc. - If you own 4 different applicable fadespace Inserts you'd like to have covered, you would need to purchase the plan 4 times.

  • Broke your insert last month, or even last year?  Not a problem - The Insert Protection Plan can be purchased to retroactively cover your fadespace Inserts bought prior to this program's launch. Your fadespace Insert can be retroactively covered if:

    - The customer purchasing the Insert Protection Plan is verifiably the original owner, AND;

    - The fadespace Insert to be covered was purchased through our website with a verifiable order number - Leave your original order number in the comments section, or just email Sales@fadespace.com with your replacement information.

  • To redeem your Insert Protection Plan and have a replacement processed, you must email Sales@fadespace.com detailing the order number of both the original insert & your Insert Protection Plan (if they were not purchased together).
  • The Insert Protection Plan is a digital, non-tangible product that strictly applies to the original owners of fadespace Inserts - Insert Protection Plans ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE WHATSOEVER and are exclusively redeemable by the original owner & purchaser. 

  • Each Insert Protection Plan can only be used once - When it is used to cover & replace a broken or stolen product, it is expended.
  • The Insert Protection Plan for Ceramics STRICTLY applies to the sizes listed below for replacement - Inserts of other sizes not listed here are not replaceable, and cannot be retroactively covered due to product sellout or discontinuation.  Customers of v2 SiC Peak Inserts & v2 SiC 25mm Inserts may retroactively cover their products to be replaced with the following sizes:

  • S-Tier+ Peak Size
  • S-Tier+ 25mm Banger Size
  • S-Tier+ 30mm Banger Size
  • S-Tier+ Switch Size
  • S-Tier+ Carta Size
  • S-Tier+ Peak Pro Size
  • v2 SiC 30mm Banger Size

    Failure to abide by the terms of the Insert Protection Plan may result in having your redemption relinquished.  Insert Protection Plan claims may take up to several weeks to fulfill depending on available inventory.  At the present time, we unfortunately have no means of reasonably offering this program to customers who made or are intending to make their purchases through authorized retailers without clear and documented proof of purchase, as the legwork that would be needed to verify and validate brick & mortar purchases without physical proof of purchase would be extensive and highly difficult if not impossible.  If you have purchased an insert from one of our retailers, and have proof of purchase, please feel free to contact us to opt-in to this program.