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Mobile Vaporization Pipe PREORDER

$650.00 Regular price

Shipments for original preorders have begun - As of 1/25/22, there are 75 more units that will be shipping by the end of January, covering most if not all orders made through 1/15/21.  Any remaining preorders expected to be completed and shipped during the month of February.

Orders for Drop #2 are being accepted soon.  The anticipated delivery date for the first units from the second batch is around March 1st at the earliest for Black or Gray anodized units.

The Complete MVP includes:

  • S-Tier+ Insert w/ Rim

  • S-Tier Heating Element

  • Stock Glass Diffuser

  • Two 21700 Battery Cells (Not Pictured)

  • Charging Cable & Plug

  • 6 Month Warranty of Electrical Systems & Heater

  • All preorders will be shipping with extra heaters!

The mobile vaporization pipe is the culmination of years of development efforts to create a powerful, near
smartphone-sized vaporizer with integrated water diffusion.

Employing our signature ceramic materials in conjunction with the reliable & powerful DNA 250c system from Evolv Vapor, the MVP is a robust device that will provide consumers with the highest quality experience on the market for portable concentrate vaporizers with integrated water diffusion. The DNA 250c system is very powerful, and enables the device to reach vaporization temperatures in as little as 6-8 seconds.  With an intuitive press + hold to fire methodology and auto-shutoff when max temperature is reached, consumers can deliver energy to their concentrates on demand, with less risk of overheating their material when compared to other products.

The DNA 250c system allows end users to finely tune their device specifically to their needs with real temperature control, wattage control, and initial rates of energy dissipation with use of the “Punch” setting. The DNA 250c system offers 2 Amp pass through charging, and the batteries of the MVP can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

The device is powered by two Molicell 21700 batteries in series, providing 4200+ mAh of battery life. With a full charge, the average end user should reliably expect to get 25-50 or more uses with the device, depending on the number of puffs per session. These batteries are removable, rechargeable, and replaceable.

More info on the DNA 250c Operating System here

The body of the device is comprised of machined aluminum / steel, and is finished through anodization. The top of the device & mouthpiece are comprised of machined billet aluminum, coated with a hardcoat, AlTiN, TiN, or other ceramic coatings.  The machined billet top houses an all-glass airway with a small junction that is encapsulated by FDA grade silicone, creating a clean and tasteless airway that will not adulterate flavors or impart any smell, keeping the experience as pure as possible. 

By removing the top of the device, the glass diffuser, dish, and heating element can be accessed / uninstalled / replaced if needed. The diffuser is replaceable and can be easily customized by glass artists.

Open source diffuser schematics with important dimensions are located here:

A myriad of different carb caps function well with the device, from small caps utilized in other popular vaporizer systems to a variety of 25mm banger sized carb caps with *short nozzles*

The MVP S-Tier Insert with rim prevents spillover from reaching the heating element, and reduces the need for cleaning in that area of the device.

The DNA250c system is totally customizable and employs a multitude of settings to finely tune your unit - The system also includes a programmable device lock that allows unique inputs to keep your device secure.

The MVP accepts the original fadespace inserts for the Peak in a backwards compatible fashion.

Proudly made in the USA
S-Tier+ Inserts made in Japan

This product is strictly compatible with solid concentrates and as such is not subjected to the PACT Act.