S-Tier+ Insert - Pro Size Preorder - DROP #3

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PREORDER FOR DROP #3 - Drop 3 Ships ~January 2022

  • Fadespace S-Tier+ Inserts are the world's first Aluminum Nitride Inserts for Quartz Bangers & the Peak.  The S-Tier Insert is produced from the highest purity aluminum nitride ceramics available in Japan.
  • Our AlN has extremely high Thermal Conductivity of over 200 w / m / K -
    This is 133 Times More Than Quartz.

  • Superior Flavor & Efficiency Over Virtually All Common Surfaces

  • Ultra Thermal Stability & High Thermal Shock Resistance

  • Can be torch cleaned with direct flame

  • Designed in the United States & manufactured in Japan

  • Aluminum Nitride Ceramics were invented to replace Beryllium Oxide ceramic substrates in high power electronics.

    Beryllium is a highly toxic ceramic, which created a lot of risk both for the people making the ceramics as well as device end users.  Contrastingly, Aluminum Nitride is definitively nontoxic. 

    In medical applications, high purity AlN ceramics similar to ours are being utilized for bone & joint replacements and / or coatings of bone replacements due to their desirable mechanical & chemical characteristics and nontoxic, biocompatible nature.

    The Pro Size or Peak Size Inserts are not official Puffco products nor are they endorsed by Puffco.  Fadespace Inserts are third party aftermarket products designed and engineered by Fadespace LLC to replace parts or augment standard devices, and are engineered to function with the average Peak device, based on measurements of stock Puffco units.  Fadespace LLC cannot account for all of the potential variability in Puffco Peak products, and by using this product, you agree that Fadespace LLC is not responsible for or liable for Puffco products, warranties, product defects, variance, or failure.