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This entry-level Software Defined Radio kit is a useful tool to scan and visualize different signals in the RF environment around you.  This tool can be used to find signals, identify them, listen in on them, and with some skill and practice, even determine the signal location - In the right hands, this is a substantial force multiplier and extremely valuable tool.

The RTL SDR has a fairly wide frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz, and can be utilized to find, identify, and listen to a variety of different RF signals.

To use this kit, you need an Android phone with USB-C, and you need to download the appropriate software - No phone or software are included in this kit.  There are a number of different apps in the Google Play store that will enable you to utilize this hardware - There are free apps with more limited function, along with paid apps that truly unlock the capability of this device.

Kit Includes:
  • RTL-SDR Dongle
  • Nagoya Whip Antenna
  • USB Female to USB C connector
  • Coaxial Connectors