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Quartz Inserts

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Quartz Insert

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  • Make sure to select the correct size insert for your nail - Choose your type of banger from the drop-down menu

  • Puffco Peak Quartz Insert will fit a variety of Quartz bangers in addition to the Puffco Peak! Quartz Inserts for the Puffco Peak provide superior flavor profiles to that of the standard ceramic insert.

  • Universal 25mm Quartz Inserts fit virtually all 24-25mm Bangers

  • FadeSpace XL Quartz Inserts fit FadeSpace XL Flat Top Quartz Bangers, 30mm Crystal Star Bangers, and various larger imports - XL Inserts will not fit other brand’s 25mm Bangers.

  • FadeSpace Jumbo Quartz Inserts only fit FadeSpace Jumbo bangers.

  • Our Quartz inserts are made in Massachusetts with American mined and manufactured Momentive fused Quartz

  • Please allow 2-4 business days for shipping during periods of high demand.

  • DISCLAIMER: *FadeSpace Quartz Inserts for the Puffco Peak are not an official Puffco product*
    FadeSpace Quartz Inserts for the Puffco Peak are an aftermarket product engineered by FadeSpace LLC to function in the Puffco Peak device based on average measurements of many different Peak units. By using this product, you acknowledge that FadeSpace LLC is in no way liable or responsible for Puffco products or their respective warranties, nor are we responsible for Puffco product malfunctions and / or variance.

    Photography by: Instagram.com/hollyhoodbambam